Friday, February 20, 2009

Have a Heart!

I am so sick and tired of this immigration process that I am thinking it might be better for me to move back to Sweden. I barely got the stamp in my passport today. I was told I filed the wrong freaking application. I filed the application they told me to file. I paid the filing fee of $370.00. I took off days from work. I rented a car (two times). I drove all the way down to Denver and to Grand Junction. And I got told I couldn’t get a stamp in my passport and that they couldn’t give me a refund because the money I paid was just to process the application. The wrong application. Instead I was given yet another form with directions where to file and I was told the filing fee for this application was going to be $545.00. I was also told that since my green card is already expired I could be sent to court – and maybe even be deported.

I almost started to cry. Right then and there in that stupid immigration office. Where the stupid immigration officers work who are so cruel, and arrogant, and unhelpful. Completely unaware of that they are dealing with real people.

Eventually they decided to give me a stamp that expires one day after the day I get back from Mexico. Tomorrow I am going to send in the other application. I am also going to attach a letter and ask for a refund. I am going to fight. Fight for my rights. For my rights as a legal alien in Steamboat Springs.


Caroline said...

Hej! Kikar in genom Anna of Sweden! Ser att du ocksa haller pa att "hanteras" av Immigration, ar dom inte UNDERBARA? Hur lange har du bott i USA?
Ha en bra kvall!

Milla said...

Hej Caroline och valkommen in till mig! Ja visst blir man trott! Jag har bott har sedan juni 2005 och har sakert spenderat narmare $5.000 (so far). Nu ska jag kolla in din blogg..