Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's all about the baby!

I have gone into some kind of mommy coma. The days pass by without me getting anything done. I barely get dressed, and everything is just about the baby. Where is the baby? What is the baby doing? Is he sleeping? When is he going to eat? Do we have enough diapers? Is he too hot or too cold? Why is his skin so dry? Do I have to take him to the doctor? And what about my boobs? Is he getting plenty of milk? Do I have to pump more often? Is the baby monitor plugged in? And on and on it goes!

Now I know why people with no children can't stand being around first time mothers! It's just all about the baby.


carolina said...

jo, det är klart man nojjar, men jag tänker lite på att orka amma sen också, hade itne så jättemycket att ta av innan, och går jag ner för mycket kommer jag nog inte se så fräsch ut ;)

söta lillen då, vad fin han är!! åh <3

joven said...

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