Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stroller - Check!

It's way early but there are a lot of things you have to buy before the baby comes. If it comes. Because it could die. My doctor said there is a 20% chance of having a miscarriage before week 14. I hit week 14 tomorrow. Today I don't feel pregnant at all. My belly is flatter than what it has been and the tiredness is gone. I have learned that the second trimester is called the ghost trimester, meaning you are pregnant but don't feel pregnant.

So anyhow, now to what I meant to tell you. I have bought a stroller! I knew I wanted a typical European pram stroller. They are expensive! I have been shopping around and with all the accessories they usually go for about $700.00. But I found one on EBay. A brand new one to a special price of $150 including shipping. So I didn't even hesitate. Zip zip and the deal was done. Will get here within two weeks. What do you think? Max thinks a stroller is unnecessary. In America people carry their babies in infant car seats. But I am Swedish. And I want a stroller.

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Syster said...

Jag trodde ni skulle använda den vagnen som Max köpt till hundarna :-) Tror jag ska påminna honom om att den finns :-)