Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today's tip

Last week when Max went to the dentist for just a check-up he got a bill for over $400. This even though we have health insurance. So now I decided to have my check-up in May when I am back in Sweden.

I want to tell you about one doctor's visit I did last year. After having severe urinary problems for about five years (which btw was an absolute nightmare) I decided to go to a specialist in Sweden since nobody here had been able to help me. That was the best thing I've ever done. He injected cortisone in my urethra and since then I have been problem free. So if there is anyone out there with painful urinary problems I want to recommend Dr. Håkan Ageheim at Sophiahemmet in Stockholm. And Håkan, if you happen to read this, Thank you so much!

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