Thursday, December 9, 2010

Small town issues

Yesterday we got bored of just hanging around the house so we spent the whole day in Steamboat. But after going for a walk we didn't have much to do there either. Sometimes I get really sick of living in a small town!

This semester I have been using a friend's house when I need a place in Steamboat to hang out for a few hours since it takes too much time going back and forth to Oak Creek where we live. I wish we were super rich and could afford a house in Steamboat, and another one in the Caribbean :)

Today I called about Loke's passport and I went ahead and paid for expedited service because I was nervous he wasn't going to get it in time. Don't want to be in that situation when it's time to go! I have to stay home today because my new phone is being delivered in the afternoon and I have to sign for it. That's about it for now...

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