Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sleep Sheep

Presents for Loke keep coming! He is so spoiled our little man. The latest gift was this Sleep Sheep which I think is such a great invention!

The award-winning Sleep Sheep helps comfort babies and children to sleep. This lovable plush toy easily attaches to the outside of the crib or onto a bedpost and produces natural soothing sounds to help baby sleep easier and more soundly. Each sound is carefully chosen to possess soothing "white noise" to comfort baby to sleep.

  • Mother's Heartbeat - Comforting sounds from the womb provide an easy transition to help soothe baby during early development.
  • Spring Showers - The soft, consistent sounds of spring rain help create a cozy atmosphere to lull baby softly to sleep.
  • Ocean Waves - The calming sounds of ocean waves gently rolling against the seashore provide a tranquil environment ideal for sleep.
  • Whale Songs -Gentle, harmonious whale songs promote relaxation and are believed to elevate mind and spirit and provide tranquility.

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