Thursday, July 22, 2010

Status report

Yesterday Loke's skin turned a little yellow so they had to put him in an incubator with uv lights. As of this morning he is out of it again and today they are also going to remove the little tube to his belly button which he has gotten some antibiotics through. I have started to try breastfeeding him and it has gone pretty well. My milk supply is great so I think I am going to start to store some in the freezer. I talked to the doctor today and he was saying we might be able to bring Loke home this weekend. That felt wonderful to hear because it is getting a little tough mentally going back and forth to the nursery several times a day when you really don't want to leave him at all. We can't wait to have him with us in our home environment 24/7. That's it for now, time to go pumping again. My boobs look absolutely rediculous! They are bigger than Loke's head :)

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Sara said...

Milla.. He is beautiful