Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One less stressfactor

A couple of days ago I finally told my boss I'm pregnant. That was a huge relief because he was really happy for us and said it wouldn't be any problem to change my hours. I am going to work Mondays through Thursdays 8.00 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. and he also said we could keep our Saturdays. That made me very happy because then we can be together as a little family two whole days in the week. Plus we get the usual holidays and breaks together. And our economy won't suffer too bad either.

Another funny thing with that conversation was that my boss said he wouldn't tell anyone "our little secret" (which is becoming more and more obvious). But the next day one of my co-workers goes "You've got that glow in your face, are you pregnant?!" She is the worst lier, and I couldn't do nothing but laugh at her. My boss had told his wife, his wife had told her co-worker, her co-worker had told my co-worker...

So much for keeping a secret :)

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